Sewer General,Inc are the leading experts in drain stoppages. We are pleased to provide our customers with the highest quality of services, reasonable prices, professionalism and reliability. We value all our customers and consider it a privilege and a pleasure to handle all sewer and drain maintenance and 24/7 emergencies.





We Specialize In All Drain Stoppages:

                                •  Kitchen line

                                • Bath tub / shower        

                                • Bath sink

                                • Toilet

                                • Floor drain

                                • Main Sewer   

High Pressure Water Jetting & Camera Inspections 

Servicing The Following Areas: 

                     • Office buildings/ restaurants

                     • Hospitals/ extended care facilities

                     • Schools, colleges/ universities

                     • Dormitories/ campus housing

         • Multi family/ senior living residences 

                     • Retail centers/ shopping malls

                     • Churches/ day care/ museums

                     • Mid-rise commercial

                     • Manufacturing/ distribution centers/                                           warehouses

          • Housing complex/ apartment buildings